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Why US?

The Institute of Journalism and Social Communication is one of the most dynamically evolving research and academic entities not only at the University of Wroclaw, but also nationwide. 

Students are treated as intellectual equals and not as individuals forced to be academically spoon-fed. Cooperation, partnership and curiosity are the foundations for establishing relationships with young people. This is why over two thousand of students have trusted academic skills and research accomplishments of our lecturers. The lecturers at our institute are prominent specialists acknowledged not only in Poland, but also internationally.

The best specialists in the disciplines of journalism, branding, marketing and advertising, and public relations lecture here. The academic staff are characterized by flexibility and open-mindedness towards continuously changing technologies and teaching methods. We are exceptional and, what follows, we accept constructive criticism with poise and we strive to act upon hints and implement suggestions about the structure and tasks of the University of Wroclaw. 



What we did?

1. Created two main characters


"For me the best thing at our Institute is that we have practical classes where we can genuinely learn new skills that we can later use in our professional life. It’s not just theory. Exactly like with this Specialization Project class, during which I could prove myself and see if management is for me or not. Thanks to this project my career path is clearer now." 
Marta Rybicka, Production Manager

2. Wrote the screenplay


3. Did the casting

"Participation in the project was a unique experience for me. I met many inspiring people while working as a casting coordinator. conducting the casting was something new for me, but it was a lot of fun."
Adrianna Styś, Casting Coordinator 

4. Created the storyboard



"It was incredibly interesting to work on this project. First, it was a whole new experience. I did not often work in such a large team, and on a storyboard, which I also developed for the first time. Secondly, the very process of filming and bringing the idea to life was, so to speak, a revelation for me. It's unbelievable when a script turns first into a picture and then into a full-fledged product. A lot of things look completely different from what I imagined while working on the project, but the final video has the ideas and thoughts of each of us who worked on it. And this, I think, is the most valuable thing in it."
Daria Ukhova, Storyboard Artist


5. Created the promo video


"In my opinion, new students who will join our university, especially to our faculty, will not be worried about what I will do or how I will communicate. Because you will be able to speak freely of all your thoughts and a great team will be waiting for you to help you. You will also have classmates in this marvellous team." 
Ruslan Rza, Camera Assistant


The project was created by students as a part of specialization project course in cooperation
with STAMTAD Audiovisual Communication Agency

Project Coordinated by
Patrycja Rozbicka

Directed by
Wojciech Szczupak

Production Managers
Marta Rybicka
Anatolii Satsiuk

Anatolii Satsiuk
Marta Rybicka
Duygu Keskin
Igor Wolf
Xuan Thai

Camera Operator
Paweł Kacprzak

“Making of” Footage
Małgorzata Leśniak
Kseniia Shakhova
Marta Rybicka

Camera Assistants
Magdalena Szczęch
Ruslan Rza

Edited by
Wojciech Szczupak

“Making of” Edited by
Hatice Beyza Şenol

Colour Correction
Małgorzata Leśniak
Hatice Beyza Şenol

Storyboard Artist
Daria Ukhova

Location Managers
Anna Wittek
Klaudia Strzelczyk

Casting Coordinators
Adrianna Styś
Marta Rybicka
Taslim Ahmed

Costume and Props Coordinators
Anastasiia Potapenko
Kseniia Shakhova

Background Music Researcher
Semih Abanoz

Produced by


Anatolii Satsiuk - Production Manager


Igor Wolf - Screenplay


Marta Rybicka - Production Manager

Kseniia Shakhova - Costume and Props Coordinator