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Communication Management

Dive into the world of Communication Management studies, where we don't just talk about communication – we live it!

Unleash your creativity, navigate the dynamic landscapes of branding, and become a communication ninja in the digital age.

In this program, you won't just gain theoretical knowledge; you'll be hands-on in advertising, public relations, and branding – the cool stuff that shapes a brand's personality. Plus, we spill the beans on the secrets of the creative industry, giving you the lowdown on the diverse roles and competences within organizations.

Discover the dynamic realm of Communication Management at our university, where we cultivate a comprehensive approach to both external and internal communication strategies for brands, organizations, and their image through existing communication systems. As a graduate of our program, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical competences in crucial areas such as advertising, public relations, and branding. Dive deep into the intricacies of communication within organizations, exploring various units and their roles in the creative industry.

Our educational goal is to empower you with competences in designing, including graphic design, as a pivotal element of organizational and brand image. The core of our Communication Management studies lies in building a diverse skill set encompassing communication, economics, marketing, market processes, and media knowledge. In an ever-evolving market and media landscape, the need for innovation, creativity, and goal-oriented management is paramount. By honing these competences, you'll not only establish a strong position in the labor market but also continuously adapt to its dynamic demands.

Your Path to Success

As a Communication Management graduate, you will be equipped to excel in various professional areas, including:

  • Collaboration with external customers, providing counseling, communication management, and training (as a freelancer) or establishing your own advertising, public relations, and/or branding agency.
  • Employment in marketing, PR, or communication management departments within companies or institutions.
  • Roles in enterprises, companies, or organizations, overseeing the customer relations process.
  • Leadership in managing communication within multicultural organizations.
  • Designing internal and external communication, as well as implementing visual communication systems.
  • Branding and brand management.
  • Involvement in the creative industries, encompassing advertising and interactive agencies, social media, PR agencies, media houses, production studios, and more.

Our program prepares you for diverse roles, turning you into a:

  • Communication advisor for enterprises and commercial organizations.
  • Image-building advisor for public figures, including politicians and show-business personalities.
  • PR or image-building department employee in various organizations.
  • Image-building and efficient communication coach.
  • Designer.
  • Employee in film or advertising producing groups.
  • Interactive agency employee.
  • Developer in companies dealing with computer games and/or software.
  • Self-presentation and negotiations advisor.

Moreover, you'll be well-equipped to start your own venture in industries such as public relations, advertising, branding, media relations, and image building.

Our graduates boast extensive knowledge in social communication, the fundamentals of the economy, and consumer behaviors. The program places a special emphasis on developing communication competences, fostering teamwork and negotiating skills, and imparting techniques for effective and efficient communication. You'll also gain practical skills in graphic design, both in traditional and new media, adding a valuable dimension to your educational journey. Embark on a transformative experience with our Communication Management program, where you'll not only gain knowledge but also acquire the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of communication and branding.