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Basic Information

MOST is a mobility programme for both regular and doctoral students. It has been widely acclaimed since 1999, enabling studying at one of more than twenty Polish partner academies for a semester or an entire academic year. Joining the Programme is free of charge and irrespective of the type of studies. The MOST offer is available to:

  • students after finishing the second semester of long-cycle studies;
  • students after finishing the second semester of first-cycle studies;
  • students after finishing the first semester of second-cycle studies;
  • doctoral students after finishing the first year of doctoral studies.


The recruitment process for the MOST programme takes place twice a year:

  • from 15 April to 15 May (admission for the winter semester and the entire academic year)
  • from 31 October to 30 November (admission for the summer semester)


During these periods there is an active link on the Programme website, which shows an updated MOST offer and enables a student to create an account in the IRK MOST system, by means of which a student goes through the process of registration and receives the status of MOST Programme applicant. Further information is available on


You think MOST is not for you because you have already participated in Erasmus? That’s not a problem! It goes the other way round too – the fact that you are going to take part in MOST does not disqualify you as an ERASMUS applicant.