Institute of Journalism and Social Communication


Uniwersytet Wrocławski


The objective of the internships is to give the students a taste of the character of the professions in the media, be it in publishing houses, media institutions, advertising or public relations, photo and event management agencies, branding, advertising, marketing departments or PR units of offices and administrative entities, or literary departments of cultural institutions of students’ choice. The internships are meant to expose students to different types of tasks, materials, and field assignments. On top of that, the internships help to understand the expectations placed on PR specialists or spokespeople in the organisational structures of a given institution and the character of their job. There are two types of student internships at the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication:  


Undergraduate students of Journalism and Social Communication and Image Communication are expected to complete six-week long (in one or more institutions) internships by the end of the fifth semester. The internships should be adapted time-wise to the needs of the institution of students´ choice. 


Graduate part-time students (graduates from undergraduate course different than Journalism and Social Communication) are expected to complete their six-week long internship (in one or more institutions) by the end of the fourth semester of the graduate programme; the internship should be adapted time-wise to the needs of the institution of students’ choice. 


Documents. Once the students have decided where they want to undertake their internship but before their start date, they are requested to fill out a form in duplicate (personal details, address, the address of the institution where they will be undertaking their internship, contact details of the mentor onsite, start and end date) in line with the internship contract guidelines, which are approved and stamped by the institution of students’ choice and by the internship coordinator delegated by the Institute (Karolina Lachowska, Ph.D.). 


Internship book. The progress of the internship is to be recorded in the internship book by mentor´s signature and a stamp. The mentor assesses students’ efforts by including the list of tasks assigned to the intern, their level of engagement, and skills demonstrated by the intern throughout the internship. The internship book is handed over to the internship coordinator at the institute. 


Getting Credit for Internships. Based on the internship book filled in by the student, grades confirmed by the institute, the assessment of the mentor at the institution of student’s choice, and the conversation with the intern, the internship coordinator at the institute registers the internship completion in the student´s book (as the condition of competing: the fifth semester of undergraduate programme or third semester of the graduate programme for the graduates from a programme different than Journalism). 


Students working (different types of employment are taken into account) in media institutions or company departments relevant to the fields related to the study programme are asked to contact the internship coordinator via email or in person during office hours (Karolina Lachowska, Ph.D.) to agree on the form of internship completion.