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Support for young parents UWr

At the University of Wrocław we know what it means to be a parent. Being a mother of a father brings a lot of joy, opens completely new ways and even allows us to discover surprises in ourselves. It is not just about enormous amounts of patience and understanding, but also the fact that those new Lego sets are truly great!

Being a parent means challenges and hardships. Combined with professional work, it can be a troublesome experience that through working and learning online we start to realize … all too well.

The Wrocław University wants to support parents. Our community is huge – all together it counts nearly 30 thousand people among whom there are many mothers and fathers. They represent an important part of our community and parenthood is a significant part of their lives. We also understand that during work or studying you are still parents. We would like to help you connect both roles and we believe that we can all benefit from that!

A while ago we asked you to participate in the test “Monitoring working conditions, safety and equal treatment at the University of Wrocław”. We’ve learned that you struggle with finding information on types of facilities you can benefit from as parents. We’ve collected them in one place for you.


Are you pregnant? You can claim a leave of absence from classes and you still preserve students’ law. If you already have a child, you can use the leave of absence before your child finishes first birthday. If the end of the leave falls on the end of semester, the leave can be prolonged until the end of semester.

Parents have rights to claim an individual study mode. The application should be submitted to a proper vise-dean. Rules, depending on faculty, can differ. The best way is to contact the dean’s office.

PhD students:

You can prolong the due date of doctoral thesis submission (not longer than two years) if you look after a child who is younger than four years old (or older in case of a disabled child). The application should be submitted to the chief of doctoral school who consults your promoter.

You can also suspend your studies for a period that corresponds to maternity, paternity or parental leave. During this time you are offered a doctoral scholarship that is counted on the similar basis as welfare. Such period is not included in 4 years when one can be granted a doctoral scholarship at doctoral school. During the studies suspension the dates specified in the individual research plan do not go on.