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At the University of Wroclaw, we care about the safety of all members of the academic community. We take measures to support its members. We especially care for safe and comfortable conditions for studying and conducting scientific research by students and PhD students. The values underlying the University of Wroclaw include respect and equality as well as learning and dialogue (“University of Wroclaw Strategy”). We respect each other and believe that all people are equal. We solve problems based on scientific knowledge and dialogue.

Pomocny UWr (Heplful UWr) website is a source of information for everyone who is looking for help and various forms of support. If you need help and advice, contact the faculty representatives operating within the University Safety Network. We are here to find you the best way out of the situation you find yourself in. Whether you need psychological or legal help, have questions about anti-covert action at the University, have experienced discrimination, or perhaps you are a person with special needs the University wants to be helpful and support you in finding the best solution to your problem. Let us know what you need.