Institute of Journalism and Social Communication


Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Study in english

Journalism and Social Communication

In the face of the current speed of media development people professionally dealing with the area of social communication (journalists and PR specialists) need to have a fluent knowledge of English  – including its specific professional varieties and practical, workshop use in the context of duties performed in their careers. Studies in intramural and extramural (weekend) formula, fund partly by UE - with low school fee. The aim of our studies is to educate journalists and PR specialists. Our graduates will also be prepared to operate in the market independently by organizing a media institution or founding an advertising or PR agency.

Communication management

Communication Management studies offer a comprehensive approach to external and internal communication of brands, organizations and their image, by means of existing communication systems. Graduates of the program will have acquired theoretical knowledge and practical competences in the areas of specific aspects of communication of organizations and their external and internal image (advertising, public relations, branding). They will also have acquired detailed knowledge about the range of work and competences of different units of organizations and companies from the creative industry. The educational goal of the program is to build competences connected with designing (also graphic), perceived as an important element of organizational and brand image.