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Ph.D. studies


Application requirements for Ph.D. degree programmes:

  • Application for admission to a Ph.D. degree programme,
  • Application for a Ph.D. scholarship,
  • Application (attachment no. 1),
  • Three passport-style photos,
  • Copy of ID or passport (the latter applies to foreign nationals).
  • A copy of university diploma or a certificate of master’s degree (final grade at least 4.0),
  • Confirmation of grade average (undergraduate and graduate programme),
  • Tutor’s letter of recommendation confirming candidate´s suitability for academic research, 
  • Declaration of one the members of staff to mentor the applicant, 
  • A project for a Ph.D. thesis including bibliography. 


Optional documents: 

  • Employer’s letter of recommendation (if the applicant has it and deems it necessary),
  • Other documents confirming the suitability for academic research i.e. publications, 
  • Attention: in order to be considered for the doctorate scholarship, the applicants must submit their application to the Head of Ph.D. studies upon receiving the support from the Department Admission Panel within 3 working days after the matriculation and oath ceremony.


The subject areas covered by the entrance exam:

  • the current state of research for a doctoral thesis,
  • recent methodological trends in the field (specialisation) represented by the applicant taking into account the characteristics of the study programme completed by the applicant, 
  • methodology of the research in the field (specialisation) represented by the applicant taking into account the characteristics of the study programme completed by the applicant.


Eligibility criteria for the admission procedure: 

  • holders of master’s degree or an equivalent thereof, 
  • minimum attainment of grade average of 4.0 for undergraduate and graduate programmes, 
  • master’s diploma grade is not lower than 4.0,
  • the entrance exam result is decisive in the admission decision. 


The exam result is made up of:

  • The assessment of the applicants knowledge: 0-80 points,
  • The assessment of applicant’s suitability for conducting academic research (publications, membership in academic students associations, tutor’s or head of institute´s letter of recommendation): 0-20 points,
  • The pass rate for the exam is 41 points, 
  • The list of the candidates admitted for the programme is a ranking list. 


  • Full-time Ph.D. courses at the Faculty of Letters, the University of Wroclaw 
  • Head of studies: Professor Elżbieta Skibińska-Cieńska. | Phone: +48 71 375 25 53
  • Deputy Head: Professor Marian Ursel | Phone: +48 71 375 25 78
  • Detailed information: link