Institute of Journalism and Social Communication


Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Journalism and Social Communication

Recruitment 2016/2017

Recruitment. Handing in (at the latest on the day of the exam, before it begins) documents certifying the Candidate’s education, interests and achievements (portfolio): documents required in accordance with the Rector’s ordinance; other certificates to confirm education (duplicates and photocopies are acceptable) – optional; Curriculum Vitae and other information about the Candidate’s activities and professional achievements (possibly creative, artistic, social, etc.)


Candidates take a written exam in English. The exam will consist of two parts:

  • an essay on one of the three given topics concerning broadly defined journalism and social communication (length: 300 words)
  • directed self-presentation of the Candidate (length: 200 words).
  • Evaluation: the Candidate’s portfolio is the basis for assessment of part B of the written exam. Points are assigned to exam papers only: part A – 0-60 points, part B – 0-40 points.


In order to pass the exam the Candidate needs to get a minimum total score of 50 points. Exam assessment will be based on the relevance of essays as well as on the level of the Candidate’s efficiency of communication in English. Candidates who pass the exam will be admitted to studies on the basis of the ranking of exam results within the limit of places.



  • curriculum_intramural - link
  • curriculum_extramural - link
  • harmonogram Journalism dzienne (intramural).docx - link
  • harmonogram Journalism zaoczne (extramural).docx - link

According informations

  • Type: Intramatural / Extramatural
  • Limit: 20 people