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Communication Management

Recruitment 2016/2017

For the admission to the second degree may apply graduates of the first or the second degree in humanities, social or economic studies, of public and private universities. Candidates are required the knowledge of English at least at the level of B2 in the Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. The document confirming the knowledge of language may be a certificate, a Diploma Supplement, or an entry in the index certifying passing the exam during the study, or a Diploma IB (International Baccalaureate). Requirements for the evidence of English do not apply to: people for whom English is their first language; persons who have completed their studies in English.


  • Type: Intramatural / Extramatural
  • Limit: 20 people
  • The basis for admission will be a place on the ranking list created according to the final grade on the diploma of the first or the second degree. Ratings are calculated according to the following method: Rating scale 1-6 (Very good 100 points; A good: 80 points; Adequate: 40 points, Allowing: 20 points), Rating scale 2-5 (Very good: 100 points; A good: 70 points; Adequate: 40 points)
  • A Point or the Alphabet scale. A given scale is converted linearly into a 100-point scale according to the rule: 0 points or lowest level of the Alphabet scale - 0 points; The maximum possible number of points at the final evaluation of the first or the second-degree / the highest levels expressed in the Alphabet scale - 100 points

According informations

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  • harmonogram CM (extramural) - link